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La VCAC inaugura "Orientación al Inmigrante" un nuevo servicio que busca ofrecer apoyo y una mano amiga a todos aquellos que llegan a Calgary y necesitan guía y orientación para lograr un proceso de adaptación exitoso. "Orientación al Inmigrante" ofrecerá talleres donde se presentarán temas claves como la salud, los hijos, el trabajo, el invierno, los alquileres, el idioma, entre otros.

Los detalles sobre estos talleres se publicaran proximamente. 



The Venezuelan Canadian Association of Calgary, through its Information to Immigrant's Direction, offers support (provide information) to Venezuelan people who have decided to move to Calgary. Together with the other members of the VCAC, it seeks to promote the dissemination of values and culture in the Venezuelan city of Calgary and the Province of Alberta.

Considering that the main responsibility of the Immigrant’s Direction is precisely to inform, and below are some very useful links in response to frequently asked questions:

The Procedure for obtaining work visas or permanent residence visa in Canada are explained on the website of the government of Canada: www.cic.gc.ca.

Information about study opportunities and labour market conditions in the province of Alberta is found on the web page: www.alis.alberta.ca.

Information about houses and condos for sale and/or renting in Calgary, please visit this page: www.rentfaster.ca.

Additionally, for residence alternatives, international students can search the section on "Student Services" or "Residence Services" from the website of the educational institution they plan to attend.

For additional information and/or support please contact us through our web page: www.venezolanosencalgary.com.

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