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“Pasos de Venezuela” is a dance troupe, part of the Venezuelan-Canadian Association of Calgary (VCAC), which promotes the diffusion of the typical dances of Venezuela. The performers are volunteers with broad backgrounds which share a common interest: promoting typical Venezuelan dances. The group has been in existence for 13 years and has participated in cultural events such as: Winter Fest, Expo Latino, Lilac Festival, Canada Day, Global Fest, Festival as well as some performances in Calgary schools and private events.

Our history goes back to a great flood in the Venezuelan area called Vargas in December 1999. In March 2000, a group of Venezuelan residents in Calgary decided to raise funds to be sent as aid to Venezuela by performing Venezuelan typical dances.

Thus, Pasos de Venezuela was born, thanks to Natasha D'Elmo and its founding members: Zuli Wefer, Juan Osuna, Irene Muller, Carlos Nieto, Sonia Slocumb, Pat McDougall, Jesus Cabrera, Mariela Hernandez, Gabriel Basin, Daniela Tineo, Justo Rafael Sanchez and Neliana Paredes, who encouraged us to embark on this dream.

Since 2000, Pasos de Venezuela has been growing with the firm commitment to preserve and promote Venezuelan folklore through music and dance in Calgary and Alberta. With each presentation, Pasos de Venezuela invites the public to make a crossing of our country, full of varied emotions and Venezuelan rhythms with colorful costumes and traditional dances of each region. In this way you may enjoy meringues, Tamunangue, joropos, calypsos, Afro-Venezuelan drums, and Valses among other beats.

The group, Pasos de Venezuela, evokes the earth, dancing to our music and relives the joy of tradition. “We are Venezuela”

Venezuelan culture has been represented in Canada in many cultural activities by Pasos de Venezuela. The cultural activities where Pasos de Venezuela has shown the Venezuelan cultural dance in Calgary are: Expolatino, FiestaVal, Winterfest, Stampede Parade, Lilac, Heritage Day, Canada day, and GlobalFest.



  • Ernesto Gudino (General Coordinator)
  • Ameli Pereira (Choreographer / Dancer)
  • Vanessa Cuervo (Choreographer / Dancer)
  • Ruth Barraez (Choreographer / Dancer)
  • Heidi Salazar (Choreographer / Dancer)
  • Verónica Rojas (Costume Coordinator / Dancer)
  • Gabriela Mendez-Kuppe (Dancer)
  • Maria Emilia Bonaducci (Dancer)
  • Perla Cota (Dancer)
  • Linda Tamez (Dancer)
  • Manuela España (Dancer)
  • Liliana Valdivieso (Dancer)
  • Ambar Camacho (Dancer)
  • Francisco Brancato (Dancer)
  • Eleazar Trejo (Dancer)

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