Supporting Venezuelans and promoting Venezuelan culture in Calgary. The association creates the opportunity of knowing the different aspects of the Venezuelan culture, and the strengthening of ties between Venezuelans and Canadians.


Becoming the main source of information for all persons interested in Venezuela regardless of nationality, race, religion, or ideologies.


  • Promoting activities that bring together all Venezuelan residents in Calgary and Alberta and all people that share a common interest in Venezuelan culture;
  • Promoting and organizing artistic and cultural events;
  • Providing information to aid new immigrants in relocating to Alberta;
  • Creating a comfortable environment for Venezuelans to adapt to their new way of life in Canada;
  • Promoting and organizing networking events to create opportunities for members and employers;
  • Promoting the interaction with Latin-American business and cultural organizations
  • Charity:
  • Holding events and / or activities to raise money for charities.
  • Participating in humanitarian campaigns.

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